What is Zapier?

Zapier empowers you to connect Mindflash with the other apps you use to run your business.
Zapier thinks about software integrations in terms of “Triggers” and “Actions.” Activity in one
app triggers a resulting action in another app, without you needing to do any work.
Connecting two apps together is called "Making a Zap.”
Zapier lives in the middle, monitoring your triggers and initiating actions in whatever workflow you establish. You can sign up for a free Zapier account at www.zapier.com
Adding the Mindflash App to Your Zapier Account
Once your new account is ready, you will not be able to search or browse for Mindflash’s logo in the Zapier Zapbook/App Directory (yet). Instead, you must add the app to your Zapier account via a special invitation link, Mindflash Zapier Link. Once you click the link, you will see the special invitation page.
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