How do I sell my courses/series in Shopify?


In order to sell courses through Shopify, your Shopify and Mindflash account will need to be integrated with Zapier. For further details about Zapier, click here. To begin selling courses, you will need an active Shopify and Zapier account. 

In Shopify when adding a new product, you have the option to add a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number.

To add your Mindflash Course or Series in Shopify, you will need the ID number that identifies the course or Series. The Mindflash Course ID or Series ID is considered your SKU number in Shopify.


1. In Mindflash, search for desired Course or Series that you are going to add in Shopify. Once the Course/Series has been selected, in the URL (web address) there is a number that identifies the Course/ Series. Copy this number as it will be used as the SKU number to add in Shopify.


2.Next, in Shopify, add a new product. 


2. Enter desired Course or Series detail information in Shopify and click "Save."


3. Enter the SKU number under the Inventory section, which will be the number that was copied from Mindflash and click "Save". 


Note: Repeat above steps if more than one course or series will be added to Shopify. 




Now, once your Courses and/or Series has been added, it is time to use Zapier. An active Zapier account is needed to begin the process of selling courses in Shopify. 


1. Once courses/series has been added to your Shopify account. Do a test checkout. The test checkout will help with the process to use Zapier. Here is checkout example from Shopify.


Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


2. Now, it is time to login to your Zapier account. Now, Zapier thinks about software integrations (Shopify and Mindflash) in terms of “Triggers” and “Actions". In this case a person buying a course/series is the "trigger" and the "action" is that the Mindflash course/series is sent to the trainee. Once you create your "Make a Zap!", customers will be able to purchase your course and Zapier will do all the work for you.


Here is the video that shows you how to "Make a Zap!" 

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3. Once you have created your "Make a Zap!" you are ready to sell your courses or series.

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