Managing Users


The User Management grid is controlled via the series of filters at the top of the grid.  Use the search box to filter by name or email address. By default, the grid displays active trainees.  

To show Archived users, click the Filters button next to the search field and select Archived form the Status drop-down.


Selecting a user will reveal their training history on the right side of the screen.  Here you can edit their user information, groups association, and the courses and series they are invited to. 

Adding Users

Click on Add Users to add a new user manually, add from your Yammer network, or upload an Excel file.  Users must have a first name, last name and email address in Mindflash.  All email addresses must be unique.  It is not possible for two accounts to share the same email address.

Excel upload is a great way to get a large list of people into Mindflash.  The Excel list must contain one column for each of the following:  first name, last name, email address.  If you are using an additional field, that, too, can be uploaded via the Excel upload.   

**Tip:  Excel upload can be used to update existing Trainees that are already in Mindflash.  As long as the email address remains the same, other fields such as name or the additional field can be updated by uploading a list via Excel.  Existing Trainees can also be added to multiple Groups in a similar manner. 

Managing Groups

Groups can be created by selecting Groups from the Set Up drop down at the top of the grid.  Here you can add/remove, edit and create groups.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be created from clicking on the drop down for Set Up, and selecting Custom Fields. Here you can add/remove, edit and create custom field(s).  If you are on a plan with more than 1 custom field, you may also change the order in which it is displayed on the course/series self registration pages and user management grid by dragging and dropping the fields in the desired order.



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