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Series can be used to group courses together and create a course progression.  A Series can be set to enforce the sequence of courses or allow for Trainees to go into any course within the series.

If your courses are long, using Series is a great way to break your course into smaller chunks that Trainees can work their way through.  In general, shorter Courses are preferred by Trainees but some subjects require longer Courses.  Breaking these into manageable chunks will increase course completions and Trainee satisfaction.  In this scenario, you would create a short Course for each section of your course and tie them together with a Series.



From the main page click "Series" from the Left Navigation. Once Series has been selected, click “Create Series.”




On the Manage tab of the Series window, click “Edit”. These are the steps to create a Series:

  1. Next, click “Add Content” and will be directed to new page with a list of all courses. Check mark desired courses and click “ Add X Courses”.
  2. Check the Enforce Course Sequence to require Trainees to take the courses in the order you determine.  
  3. Reorder Courses within your series by clicking the “up-and-down” arrow icon and dragging them into the desired position.
  4. Type Series Name and Series Description under the “Series Information.
  5. Type in Trainer’s name and email address.
  6. Click “Save” to complete creating Series.






The Trainees tab is where you will add your Trainees to the Series and manage those that are already taking the Series.    

When a Trainee is invited to a Series, they will receive one email with the list of Courses available in the Series, along with a link to start the Series.  Clicking the link in the email will take them to the first course in the Series.

Trainees will be invited to the Series as it is set up at the time they are invited.  Any changes to the Series after a Trainee is invited will not be reflected for that Trainee unless you Remind them. Reminding a Trainee will send them a list of Courses as it is set up at the time the Reminder is sent.

Trainees Tab:

  1. Click “Invite” to add trainees from the following options: Existing, New, Upload Excel, From Yammer
  2. Filters across the top will filter your Trainee list.  
  3. By Clicking Trainee’s name, the list of Courses in that Series will show their status and score. Click “Back to Trainee List” to go back.
  4. Check mark one or multiple trainees and click “Trainee Actions” to: Remind, Rest (Entire Series), or Drop. This action will only be performed to the Trainees that have been checked marked.



The Settings tab allows for changes to passing requirements, Certificates, emails and how Trainees get into the course.

All settings on the Settings tab are for the Series alone.  Each course has its own settings that can be adjusted by going to the Course itself.

From the Settings tab click “Edit”. Next, the following options are:

  1. Series has the option to set a passing score for the entire Series.  This will average the scores for the Courses within the Series.
  2. Certificates are available for a Series.  Choose the appropriate template and determine whether you want Certificates to be issued upon successful completion of each course within the Series or just for successful completion of the Series.
  3. Standard emails are sent for a Series.  Each email can be edited to include custom text below the standard text.
  4. Sharing options are available below the emails.  Series links can be posted to Yammer, Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter if it is set as “Current Trainees” or “Public”.




Reports are available for a Series by going to the Trainees tab. Click “Reports” and the drop down menu will show “Advanced Reports”. Next, a pop-up window will appear with a display summary statistics at the top and more detailed reports at the bottom, including status and score for each Trainee enrolled in the Series.  These reports can also be filtered by Group and Date.  They can be exported to PDF, CSV or Excel formats.


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