Advanced Reporting


Mindflash's Advanced reporting is available for all Tiers: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.  Advanced reports are available from the My Courses page, as well as from a Course or Series.

Advanced reports allow you to further access data and results from your training initiative.  They can be exported to PDF, Excel or CSV

The Overview tab gives you a quick snapshot of how much training is taking place.  Date filters are available to narrow or broaden your focus.  Aggregate stats provide a great way to monitor the health of your overall training program.  These statistics are a great way to display the effectiveness of your training program.  Most statistics provided on the Overview tab can be clicked on to reveal the underlying data.

Course Detail
The Course Detail tab shows statistics for each of your courses.  Select the course you want to see in the first filter.  All stats displayed will be for the course selected.  Overview statistics are clickable to reveal the underlying data.  Additional details regarding trainee statuses and quizes are provided below.

Tip:  To determine how your quiz questions are working, drill into the detail for a quiz by clicking the name of the Quiz in the Quiz Details section.  That will reveal the average score for each of your questions in the quiz.

Trainee Detail
The Trainee Detail tab shows course progress for each of your trainees.  Select which trainee you would like to see results for.  Summary statistics appear at the top with more detail by course below.  All of these reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or CSV.  These reports are commonly referred to as Transcript reports.

Series Report
Series reports show the progress of Trainees through a Series of Courses.  Select the Series you want to report on in the top left section.  The Series reports will give you a summary of your Trainees in the Series at the top of the screen.    Summary statistics can be drilled into by clicking.  Below is a detailed report featuring all Trainees in the series, including their score for the course.

Premium/Enterprise Tier Features
In addition to the advanced reporting available on the Standard tier, Premium and Enterprise tier customers enjoy additional reporting features.  Specifically, Group Filtering and Completion Trends reports are available.  If you use Groups to manage and segment your Trainees, the Groups filters can be of great use in reporting.  All Advanced reports on the Premium and Enterprise tiers can be filtered based on Group membership and/or a Custom Field.

In addition, on the Overview tab, there are two trend reports available at the bottom.  Trend reports can give you insight into whether your training program is growing or slowing.  These are great statistics to share throughout your organization to help demonstrate training effectiveness and ROI.


  • Advanced reports collect data even if you are not currently on a Standard, Premium or Enterprise tier.  Historical data will be maintained should you decide to upgrade.
  • Advanced reports update once a day on the Standard tier (2:09AM Pacific Standard Time) and three times a day on the Premium and Enterprise Tiers (8:09AM, 2:09PM, 6:09PM PST).
  • Once Advanced reports begin updating, it may take up to 2 hours for the process to finish updating.
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