Creating a Quiz


You can create up to 10 quizzes in any course, choosing from 6 different question types.  

To create a quiz within a course, under the Manage tab, click the Add and Arrange Content.

Next, in between slides, click the Insert + button and choose Quiz.


You are now given the opportunity to:

  1. Name your Quiz at the top left.
  2. Select question type you wish to add and complete the question.
  3. Enter the questions in the question box.
  4. Enter the Answers and select the correct answer.
  5. Adjust Question Settings if necessary.
  6. If Show Correct Answer is checked marked, Enter Explanation of Correct Answer.
  7. Preview the question using the Try tab.
  8. Click Apply once question is ready.
  9. Click Add New Question to select your next question type.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 until your quiz is complete. Finalize the Quiz Settings, including the passing score. (Learn more about "Show correct answer" setting). Click "Save and Close" when complete.

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