Trainee Can't Find Certificate


When a Trainee completes a a course and meets the passing requirements a Certificate is issued for any course that has Certificates turned on.  (certificates can be turned on on the Customize tab)  

When the Trainee finishes a course, there is a button to download the certificate on the last page of the course.  

Certificates are also emailed to Trainees upon successful completion of the course.  The email contains a link to the certificate where it can be downloaded.

Finally, the Trainee can access their certificate on their Trainee Dashboard when they login to their Mindflash account.  If the Trainee goes to the Completed courses list, they will see all of the courses that have been finished. Choosing the course on the left will show course details on the right. The button to download the certificate will show at the bottom right of the screen. 

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