What do each of the “Public Catalog Page Access” levels do?


When you have unchecked the option to “Share this Catalog” it essentially turns off the catalog URL. Uncheck this box while you are setting up your catalog or if you want people to stop using it even after you have distributed the catalog URL.


To share your catalog with others check the “Share this Catalog” option. Once you have selected that you will have two options:

Current Users: Selecting this option will allow current users who have the catalog URL to enroll in any of the courses or series listed on the catalog.  They will be able to browse the catalog listings, choose courses and then be asked to login before starting the course or series.

Public: Making your catalog public will allow anyone to not only browse all the courses and series in the catalog, but also to then create their own trainee account in the system. This means people will be registering in the system as well as enrolling in courses and series. If you don’t know in advance who will be taking your training and/or are not concerned with trainees creating their own trainee accounts, this option cuts down on the administrative task of adding trainees to the system ahead of time.

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