What is a course and/or quiz passing score?


A course passing score is the minimum score (average of all quizzes) required to pass the course.  This setting is found on the “Settings” tab of the course under the “Course Settings” section.



A quiz passing score determines the minimum score a trainee must achieve in order to pass the quiz. From the Manage tab, click  “Edit” right below the orange “Invite” button.Then click “Add and Arrange. Next, search desired quiz or create a new quiz by clicking the “Insert +” button. Finally, the quiz passing score setting is found in the quiz editor.



Scenarios to consider when deciding how you want to score your course:

  1. Enabling the course passing score only: course will be passed if the average of all the quiz scores meets or exceeds the course score.
  2. No course passing score, only enabling the quiz passing scores: course will be passed if trainees meet or exceed all of the quiz passing scores.

    2a. If a trainee fails to meet 1 or more of the (enabled) quiz passing scores, they will fail the                  course, regardless of their overall average.

    2b. If your course has multiple quizzes, but you want passing/failing to be based on one specific                quiz: Set a quiz passing score for that specific quiz and leave both the course passing score and            other quiz passing score boxes, unchecked.

  1. No course or quiz passing scores: trainee will pass the course, regardless of their score(s).



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