Feature Enhancements

July 2016
Left-hand Navigation
Quick links have been added to the left side to allow for quick jumps to other Mindflash objects such as Courses, Series and Users.  The navigation can be collapsed to maximize screen space by clicking on the left pointing arrow.
New Course, Series, Catalog and Live Course Dashboards
Dashboards have been updated with the new Mindflash design and features.  Highlights include an updated design, consolidation of the Trainees and Reports tab and exportable reports.
Advanced Filters
Advanced filters have been added throughout all pages to allow for more specific and context relevant searches.  Looks for Advanced search options to the right of all search boxes.
Customizable, "Sticky" Interfaces
Grids can be customized to display the columns you choose for each object in Mindflash such as Courses, Series and Users.  Once customized these interfaces will remain "sticky" and will persist on subsequent visits until cleared.  This is also the case with Advanced Filters.  Filters applied will remain in place until cleared.  In addition, columns can be sorted by clicking on the column you want to sort by.  To add additional columns to your grid, click on the gear icon on the right of the screen.
When on a screen such as Users or Courses, you can jump from one course to another by clicking the course name.  The open right side panel will change to the new course while remaining on the same tab for the new course.
Real-time Reports in Series
Real-time reporting has been added to Series on the Trainees tab.  Columns can be added to display Series progress and Series score.  Reports can be exported for Series using the Export Data button.
Advanced Filters Enhancements in Manage Users
Advanced filters have been enhanced in the Manage Users screen to include more filtering options, including course results.  Filtered lists can be enrolled in courses using the Invite button.  Additional actions can be taken on the selected users with the Manage button.
Advanced Reports Moved into Mindflash
Advanced reports are now available via the left-side navigation.  It is not necessary to access them in a new browser tab.  This should make them easier to access.  Additionally, Advanced reports can be accessed from Courses and Series.
For more information on this large release, please visit this article.
May 2016
New Course, Series and Home Dashboards Beta
The most recent Beta program brings new dashboards for Courses, Series and the Home screen.  After much testing and development, we're happy to be offering a streamlined interface to mange and create courses.  Participants benefit from the ability to perform actions across many Users, Courses or Series (such as resetting Users in Failed status in multiple courses) with just a few clicks.  
Additional updates available in the Beta include customizable dashboards, a new layout for the Course Dashboard and easy navigation between Courses and Series.  All Filters on the Dashboards are "sticky" and will remember previous settings that individual Admins, Trainers and Managers have set up.
December 2015
Salesforce App Available
The Mindflash App for Salesforce is available for installation in the Appexchange.  Using the app, Users can be invited to courses and series from within Salesforce.  Additionally, Mindflash data appears in Salesforce and can be accessed from Accounts, Contacts and the Salesforce Reports.
Mindflash for Salesforce allows you to tie training results to actual business metrics that live in your Salesforce account.
August 2015
New Manage Users Beta Program Launched
In a continued effort to improve the workflow within Mindflash, we have been working on a redesign of our Manage Users page.  This overhaul allows for easy enrollment of multiple Users directly from the Manage Users page.  Additionally, it is easier than ever to get to the info you need about specific Users right on the Manage users page.  Full roll out to all customers to come shortly.  If you would like to participate in the beta, please contact beta@mindflash.com.
July 2015
Salesforce Integration Beta
For customers who use Salesforce as their CRM, we're happy to announce that we have opened our Beta program for our new integration with Salesforce.  Using our integration will allow you to invite and track your Salesforce Contacts and Users.  Most importantly, Mindflash for Salesforce displays Training reporting in Salesforce, allowing you to tie your training results to other business metrics typically stored in Salesforce such as Partner performance, Customer certification, etc.  Mindflash for Salesforce is available on the Pro and Unlimited tiers.  For more information on the beta, please contact us. 
May 2015

Live Training Courses can be Added to a Series
With this month's release, Live Courses function in a Series as an online course does.  They can be added to a sequence of courses in a Series.  Additionally, passing the Live Course can be a requirement for proceeding in the Series.  If the Trainee receives a score for the Live Course, that score will factor into the overall Series passing score.
Better Support for Apple's Keynote
For those who prefer to use Keynote to create your content, it is now possible to upload a Keynote presentation without opening it in Microsoft Powerpoint.  With this change, all you have to do is choose Export To in the File menu of Keynote.  Select PowerPoint.  This will give you the option to save is as a .pptx.  Once saved as a .pptx, the file can be uploaded directly to your Mindflash account.
April 2015

Updates to Series Functionality

The Series functions have been enhanced to better track Trainees in Series.  These changes allow Trainers to alter their Series by adding or subtracting courses from the Series without altering the reporting information they see for Trainees who have already completed the Series.  Reports reflect the state and activity of the Trainee when they took the Series.  Altering the make up of the Series will not change the data in the reports. 
An 'Update the Series' button has been added to push the latest version of the series to Trainees who were previously in the Series.  For example, if you add a course to a Customer Training Series that you want all Customers to be notified of, you can add the new course and Update the Series for one or multiple Trainees and they will be notified of the new course addition.  Note that should you not want to update the Series for people who have already taken the Series, the reporting will reflect that they took a different iteration of the Series.  For more information on Update the Series:  click here.
Live Training Support
With the addition of support for Live or Classroom Training, it is now possible to keep a record of all your training activities in single location.  This is a great feature if you have training activities that happen offline (as most people do).
Trainees who are invited to a Live Training course receive an email with information about the Live Course.  Once they have attended, you can record their attendance in Mindflash and even add a score they earned.  
Reporting for Live Training courses is available in Advanced Reports and shows up on Trainee Reports with the rest of their Training History.  Live Courses are available on the Pro and Unlimited tiers.  
For more details on Live Training, click here.
February 2015

Custom Built Reports Available

For Customers on our Pro and Unlimited tiers, we now offer the ability to have custom built reports available in our Advanced Reporting Page.  An additional dashboard with customer reports can be added to your Advanced Reporting, featuring custom reports.  
Custom reports can be generated in a specific column format to meet the requirements for importing that data into another system or to slice the data in a different manner.  Custom reporting is available on the Pro and Unlimited tiers.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss your needs and pricing.
Course Catalog
Course Catalogs enable Trainees to sign up for courses made available to them through their Trainee dashboard.  They no longer need to have the link to course listings.  They can just click the Course Catalog link in their dashboard and access courses there.  
Catalogs can be distributed to all your Trainees or specific Groups.  When setting up the Catalog, admins choose who gets access the the Catalog.  Catalogs can be public or private.  They are accessible from the Home screen and are available on the Advanced, Pro and Unlimited tiers.
For more information:  Click here.
January 2015

Correct Answer Reason in Quizzes

The highly requested and anticipated feedback for incorrect answers in quizzes is available.  When creating a quiz, choose to show the correct answer (after submission) and you will see an option to add text explaining why the answer is correct.  Trainees who get this question wrong will see this when they choose to view the correct answer.
Unarchiving Courses

Should a course be mistakenly archived or need to be brought back, you can now Unarchive the course.  This will move it out of an Archived state and back into an Active state.  All Trainees who were in the course will be able to access the course from the point they were when it was archived.  Note that Trainees for whom their deadline has passed will be in an expired state so you might need to update their deadline.
Downloading Course Files

If you have lost your course content files since adding them to Mindflash and need to make adjustments, we now have a solution.  It is possible to download all files added to the course in a single zip.  This will export all of the files you have uploaded as well as any audio you recorded in Mindflash.  If you need to update your course content, make the edits in the downloaded file and use the Replace function to update the content in your course.
Custom Field Enhancements

Some adjustments were made to the Custom fields accessible from the Manage Users screen.  Now, it is possible to clearly see if you have them turned on for Public registration pages.  Additionally, you can choose whether those fields are required or optional on the Public Registration page.
December 2014

Custom Branding Additions

Based on user feedback, we have added a few additional custom branding enhancements.  First, we have made the favicon used on the Trainee side of the application unbranded so there is no mention of Mindflash.  Second, we now use your custom url (if you are using this feature) in the links sent out to Trainees.  Finally, we have made use of the Mindflash iPad app optional for iPad users.  They can use the browser to take the course if they would like.
Additional User Roles

Two additional roles have been added to Mindflash on the Pro tier.  In addition to Admin, Trainer and Manager, we have added Reporter and Team Lead.  These roles have further restrictions regarding adding Trainees and resetting their progress.  For more information on the details, please Click Here.
September 2014

Change Start Point for Returning Trainees

For Trainees who have completed a course and return to review the course, we have changed where they are sent from the end of the course to the beginning.  Once there, they will be able to freely navigate through their course to review the material they have already taken.
June 2014

Add Trainees to courses from Manage Users

In our continuing effort to make it easier to do day to day activities, we have added the ability to invite existing trainees to courses from the Manage Trainees page.  Look for the "+" icon in the right hand panel when you open a trainee.
Increased Design Customization

For the Pro tier, we have added additional options around custom branding.  It is possible to use custom color combinations in the header and make the body of the page completely white.  This should help to match your training portal to your corporate colors.
April 2014

Localization Support for Trainees

Mindflash's customers training people around the world will be happy to know we now support multiple languages on the Trainee side.  Trainers can choose the default language of their course.  Trainees can even choose to view their account in their language of choice.  These changes translate all buttons, emails, application messages and dashboards.  Language support is available on the Pro tier.  Read more
March 2014

New Help Center

We're happy to announce that we have moved to a new Help Center and ticketing system.  This Help Center is integrated in the Mindflash product so answers to questions are always just a click away using the Help tab on the right side.  Just click on that to enter your question.  We have updated the Help Center articles to provide more detail and cover the functions of the application.
​February 2014
Support for Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline

For those of you Trainers who are looking for more flexibility in how your content plays, we have added the ability to use files in Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline.  These are the leading tools for creating e-learning content.  Just create your files in either of these tools and upload them to Mindflash.  What's more, you can still add additional content types to your course.  As always with Mindflash, courses created using these tools and published to Mindflash will be mobile enabled so your Trainees can take the course on any device they choose.  Read more about using Captivate or Read more about using Articulate.  Support for these file types is available on the Pro tier.
January 2014

Advanced Permissions

Do you need to let some managers have access only to their employees' scores but no one else's? With the new Advanced Permissions on the Pro plan, you can.

Advanced Permissions is a great way to let Trainers and Managers of different teams invite, manage and report on just their employees without access to any of the other trainees in the account. Read more
Custom Certificates
Certificates can now be made completely custom on the Pro tier.  We provide the specs and you provide the art.  Choose which information you need to show up on the certificate.  This can be customized on each Course or Series.  Read more

​December 2013

Focus Assist

How do you ensure your trainees are paying attention to the content in your online courses?  Mindflash has the answer.

We're happy to bring our Focus Assist feature to all courses and devices/computers with webcams.  (previously it was only available on the iPad).  Focus Assist senses when Trainees are not paying attention to the course content and automatically pauses the content until the Trainee starts paying attention again.  It is a fantastic way of making sure your Trainees are getting the most out of your courses.

Focus Assist is currently in Beta so please contact us if you would like it turned on for your account. Read more

Course Catalog

List all of your courses in one location so Trainees can browse for what they want to take.  You no longer need to maintain your own webpage with links to Mindflash courses.  Easily create a listing of your courses and Trainees can just sign up for what they want.

Course Catalog is a great way to offer courses to Trainees that are optional.  The Course Catalog also works well with our recent enhancement to public registration that allows you to restrict public registration to Users who already exist in your account.

Catalog can be accessed by clicking the yellow "Create New" button on the Home screen. Read more


July 2013

Usernames Instead of Email Addresses

Usernames can now be designated for Trainees instead of email addresses.  For organizations that do not issue email addresses to their employees, Usernames can be used in place of email addresses.  When logging on, Trainees would be required to enter their Username and Password.

To turn on the ability to use Username, go to the Manage Account page.  In the bottom left corner, there is an option to turn on usernames.  Please note that Usernames are OFF by default.  Leaving Usernames off will require that all Trainees have an email address.

Once Usernames are turned on, Usernames and Passwords can be set on the Manage Users page.  Click on a Trainee to edit their information and enter a username and password.  Alternatively, if you are using Excel Upload, create a column for Username and one for Password.  Upload the list and the accounts are created.

Please note that if you choose to use Usernames, some functions will operate differently.  For example, invitation and reminder emails will not be sent.  You will need to notify your Trainees of their Username and Passwords and direct them to your site address to login.

Usernames are available on the Advanced and Pro tiers.


We just released the newest version our our API.  This version supports reporting, as the previous version did, as well as some additional features.  This version also allows for the addition, creation, and update of User Accounts.  It is possible to create new Users, passing user fields, course enrollment, group membership, series enrollment and active/archived status.  All of this can be done seamlessly via the API.  If you are looking to pass information to Mindflash from a HR system, CRM, website, software, etc, this is a great new feature for you.  Please contact us for details.

API access is available on the Pro tier.

Federated Login (single sign on)

Trainees can now be passed to Mindflash and logged in seamlessly via Federated Login.  If your Trainees are already logged into a website or your software, it is possible to pass those login credentials to Mindflash to they get logged in automatically.  This would allow for you to post a link to Mindflash courses in your software, for example, and Trainees would just have to click on the link to be automatically logged into Mindflash.  Trainees can also be created in Mindflash via the API so even those that don't already have an account on Mindflash would be able to use single sign on.  Please contact us for more information on single sign on.

Federated login is available on the Pro tier.

Updates to Manage Users

Following our recent overhaul of Manage Users, we have added a few more features.  First, it is not possible to search for Users who are not a member of any group.  To do this, just start typing 'ungrouped' into the search box and you will see and option to reveal ungrouped Users.

In an effort to make Manage Users more accessible from everywhere in Mindflash, now you can click on your name in the top right corner and select Manage Users to jump straight to the Manage Users page.

The ability to reopen the User detail panel has been added.  If you close the detail panel, you will now see an easy means of re-opening it on the right side of the screen.


June 2013

New Manage Users

Manage Users got a complete overhaul this month.  We have redesigned the Manage Users interface and added several great enhancements.  Specifically, the search is now a lot smarter.  In addition to searching for Trainees, you can also search for Courses, Groups and Custom Fields.  All of the Trainees who satisfy the search criteria will be revealed in the grid.  The search also allows you to search for multiple criteria at the same time, such as people named "Jim" who are also in the Group "Sales".

Clicking on one of the Users will reveal a panel on the right with more info about the Trainee selected.  The Trainee info can be edited in that panel on the right and there is an Archive button at the top.  Toggle between Archive and Active trainee lists using the links at the botton of the grid.

Custom Fields

Custom fields got an overhaul as part of the new Manage Users page.  In addition, we have added the ability for Pro tier accounts to have up to 10 custom fields.  To edit and manage your Custom Fields, go to the Manage users page.  Click on the Manage button and choose Custom Fields.  There you can edit existing fields or add new ones.  All accounts have one Custom Field.  Pro tier accounts can have up to 10.

To reveal the custom fields on the Public Registration page, check the box to the right of the field.  That will allow the field to show up when Trainees are registering on the Public page.  You can also drag the fields into any order you want them to be displayed in.

Inviting/Adding Trainees

Our Invite and Add interfaces also got an update this month.  When on the Distribute tab, you will see a new Invite Trainees button.  Click on that to add Trainees to your course.  You will have the option to add a new trainee, existing Trainees, Upload an Excel file or import people from Yammer.

In Manage Users, we have also changed the process to add a new Trainee.  The Yellow button gives you the option to add individuals, an Excel list or import from Yammer.  When you add an individual, you can also add people to groups or directly into courses.  This should greatly expedite adding people to Courses.


May 2013

Editing Active Courses

Active Courses can now be completely edited.  There are no longer any restrictions on what you can change in an Active Course, including content, quizzes, surveys, etc.  New files can also be added to an Active Course.  The Replace function remains and is a good option for updating existing content.

When editing Active Courses, please be sure to do so sparingly if reporting is important to you.  Changes can result in big impacts to your reporting integrity so you should only make major changes if you need to.

Feature Tier Trials
With our most recent release, it is now possible for those of you who are on a Basic or Advanced plan to trial the features you would get on higher tiers.  When on the Basic or Advanced tier, if you try to access a feature not available on your tier, you will have the option to start a trial of those features.  

This is a great option for those of you contemplating upgrading from Basic to Advanced.  A trial will allow you to see the power of Mindflash's Advanced Reports and Series functions.


April 2013

Advanced Reporting 
We have greatly enhanced our reporting capabilities with this release. There is an entirely new reporting section called Advanced Reporting. These reports are accessible from the My Courses page, the Track tab of a course and the Track tab of a Series. 
Clicking these links will take you to our Advanced Reporting. We have Summary reports, Course reports, Trainee reports and Series reports. In particular, Trainee reports and Series reports were highly requested. 
Our original Course reports remain intact. The Advanced Reports are in addition to the standard reporting. 
Advanced Reports are available on the Advanced and Pro tiers of Mindflash. Pro customers also get the added benefit of Trainee Group filtering on the Advanced Reports. 
For more detailed information on how they work, view this Help Article
Trainer Permissions 
It is now possible to designate different permission levels for Trainers in Mindflash. You can choose which level of permission each Trainer has. This is a particularly critical feature for programs that have many Trainers. Often not everyone should have access to the Account information or to change course content. Now you have the power. 
Trainer Permissions have been added to the Pro tier. 
Revamped Series 
The much-needed overhaul of Series of Courses has arrived. With this release, the visual appearance of Series has changed but there are also a bunch of new features available. 
Series now acts more like a Course. It has a Series home page, an assigned Trainer and description. Tracking has also been added to Series. You can now see how your Trainees are progressing through their assigned Series. You can get a high level overview on the Trainees tab. Each Trainee can be expanded to reveal their progress in the Courses within the Series. 
Additionally, clicking the Track tab takes you to the Advanced Reports for the Series. These reports are filterable just like all Advanced Reports. 
Series is available on the Advanced and Pro tiers. 
For more info on how series works, please visit this Help Article.


February 2013

New Date Format
In the past, for our International customers, there has been some confusion around how dates are displayed in Mindflash. This is particularly an issue for courses that have short deadlines. Months and days of the month were often mistaken due to the display format. In an effort to remove any ambiguity, we have changed our date format to clearly display the month. Dates will now be displayed in the following format: 27-Feb-2013. 

Trainer Access to Certificates
For those of you who need to print out certificates, we have made a major change. Certificates are now available in the Trainer side of the application for download. Previously you had to have Course Activity Alerts enabled to be able to download the certificates. That posed problems with lost or deleted emails. 
Now, all you have to do is go to the Track tab and the Completed section of the Trainee Status grid. From there, certificates can easily be downloaded to pdf.

December 2012
iPad App 
After months of development, our iPad app that allows Trainees to take their courses on an iPad has been released. It is available in the iTunes store here
Trainees can take their courses on an iPad or in a web browser, all with a similar, easy-to-use interface. Mindflash will remember where they are in the course, no matter how they take their courses. They are able to switch from a computer to an iPad, or the reverse, without any problem. 
Please note that courses created on Mindflash prior to the release of the iPad app will need to be converted to be iPad enabled. This is an easy process that you can read more abouthere
Duration Tracking 
Many of you have requested to know how long your Trainees spend in courses. Whether you need to track time spent in course for compliance purposes or you are just interested in how long Trainees need to finish your courses, you now have the info. We have added a column to the course reports with the time spent in the course. It is also available in the downloadable reports. 
Reminder Enhancements 
Two additional features have been added to course reminders. It is now possible to remind multiple Trainees with one click rather than needing to remind each one individually. In the Trainee Status box on the Track tab, there is now a "Remind All" button at the top of each Trainee section. Just click that for all Trainees to be reminded. 
Additionally, we have adjusted the Reminder Emails to repeatedly remind your Trainees that they need to finish a course. You can choose the interval at which they are reminded. Selecting 3 days, for example, will automatically send a reminder to all of your Trainees in that course that they need to finish the course every 3 days until they complete the course. There are options for 3, 7, and 14 days. This can be accessed by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the Reminder on the Distribute tab. 
Annual Billing 
We are now offering an annual billing option for customers on our Advanced and higher plans. If it is easier for your organization to pay once a year and you are on one of these plans, please contact us to discuss moving to an annual billing option.


September 2012

Trainers Can be Trainees Too
We are happy to announce that we have added the ability for Trainers to also be Trainees. That’s right, by popular demand, we have made it possible for Trainers to have full functioning Trainee accounts! These Trainee accounts act just like other Trainees. They can be invited to courses and tracked in reports. 
This eliminates the need for Trainers to have a separate account with a different email address to be a Trainee. 
To access your Trainee account, click on your name in the top right. The first option in the drop down is ‘View as Trainee’. When on the Trainee side, you can get back to your Trainer account by doing the same. 
As before, you can designate who is a Trainer by going to the Account Profile page and editing your Trainer list. 
Note: As with all Trainees, invitations will not be sent until the course is Active. If you want to see what the course looks like while you are working on it, you should use the Preview function.


August 2012

Improved PowerPoint Conversion 
For most Mindflash customers, PowerPoint is the primary tool used to create content for courses. We are constantly working to improve the quality and accuracy of our conversion from PowerPoint to web content. With our latest release, we are proud to announce that we can now support ALL on-slide animations in PowerPoint! 
Note for existing Mindflash customers: Courses that have previously been created will continue to use the legacy PowerPoint conversion for consistency's sake. However, our new PowerPoint conversion will be used for all new courses created. If you want to try out the new conversion, just create a new course and upload your favorite PowerPoint. 
Yammer Integration 
On August 14th, we officially announced our public release of our Yammer app. Yammer users can now use our integration with the click of a button. Importing Users and interacting with your Trainees has never been easier! If you haven't used Yammer before, be sure to give it a try by visiting www.yammer.com. Mindflash has been using Yammer internally for several years and we love it.


May 2012

Audio Recording 
Audio can now be recorded directly in Mindflash. You no longer have to do so in PowerPoint prior to uploading. In addition, we have enabled this feature on files created in Word, PowerPoint, and PDF. Audio can even be recorded on the Course Intro and Recap slides. A functioning microphone is all you need. 
To add audio to your slides, go to the Arrange Content tab and look for the microphone icon at the bottom of the slides. Choose the slide you want to add audio to and go for it. 

Once you have selected the slide and hit the microphone button, a lightbox will open with a big record button. You will also be prompted to allow your Microphone on your computer to be used. Allow that and you can start recording your first slide. 

New Course Dashboard 
Today we officially launched our new Course Dashboard. This page design has been in testing for several months now and many of you have already seen it or have been using it. For those of you who are new to the changed Course Dashboard, you will be happy to know that all functionality remains. We changed how it is structured to improve ease of use but you can still do everything you could before. 
The major change you will see is that the Course Dashboard is organized into five tabs across the top. On each of these tabs, you can find the relevant functions and settings. We have also made the Arrange Course page it’s own tab.


April 2012

Manage Trainees 
With this release we have added some significant functionality to the Manage Trainees page. You will notice that the page looks quite a bit different. Using the filter section at the top of the page, you can narrow the results displayed in the grid below. We have also added a search box to the top of the page that searches names, email addresses and the custom field. 
The action boxes on the right side of the screen will impact the Trainees checked on the left. For example, if you want to add a selection of trainees to a group, you can do so as in the screen shot below. The group selected in the dropdown is the group that the four selected Trainees will be added to. 

To view the details for a specific Trainee, click on the trainee in the grid. A box will appear to the right with the Trainee Details, including their profile information as well as their course statuses. 

To add a Trainee or a Group, use the respective button in the top right corner of the page. Trainees can be added individually or via an Excel upload. On the Manage Groups screen, you can edit existing Groups, add new ones or add Trainees to a Group. 
Increased File Upload Size 
Due to requests from our users, we have raised the single file upload limit from 200MB to 350MB per upload. As has always been the case, you can add as much content as you would like to your courses. This limit only applies to the upload of a single file. Please remember that if your Trainees tend to have slow Internet connections, really large files might diminish their viewing experience. Whenever possible, it is a good idea to keep files as small as possible. Your Trainees will appreciate it. 
Free Courses and PowerPoint Templates 
On the My Courses page, you will see a new option for Free Courses and Templates. We are happy to offer two Time Management courses that you are free to use. Just click on the icon and you can import them into your Mindflash account. This is also a great way to get started with Mindflash. 
In addition, we have provided a PowerPoint template to help you get started. You can download the PowerPoint and use it for your course. If the free courses and templates are something you think are helpful, please be sure to let us know. We are happy to add to this in the future if people find them useful.


February 2012

Support for GoToMeeting Videos
We're happy to announce that we now support videos created with GoToMeeting. You can record your GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar sessions, export the movie and upload it to Mindflash. 
If you are currently delivering the same training repeatedly via GoToMeeting, try recording your next training session and uploading it to Mindflash. You will save a ton of time by inviting people to watch your recorded session.



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