How to help us help you


We want to help you get issues resolved as quickly as possible. The more of this information that you can provide, the quicker we can help you. When sending an email to please include the following:

  1. The name of your Mindflash account. This is typically something like
  2. Your name and email address that is on the Mindflash account.
  3. Browser name, version and operating system. You can find this easily by visiting a site like You can send us a screenshot of the results too.
  4. Screenshots are invaluable in helping us identify issues. Please send them when you can.
  5. If you are having issues with your course e.g. with animations, audio, video, etc. please send a course preview to so we can investigate.
  6. If you feel courses are loading slowly, please send us a screenshot of the results from a site like

If you have issues related to trainees e.g. trainees aren't able to reset the passwords, aren't able to enroll in a course, etc. please send us the name and email address of the trainees.

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