Helpful hints for creating courses with Articulate Storyline files


Articulate Storyline is a great tool when you want to create interactive courses. There is an extensive number of options when creating your content. Because Storyline is a very robust product and has its own rules Mindflash has had to adapt. Some Storyline rules and functions are not things Mindflash can override.

This article has helpful hints and guidelines for you to take into consideration when you are creating your content.


Storyline files can have quizzes. Each file will send Mindflash 1 score. This score is averaged along with any other quizzes that might exist in the course, to determine if the course is passed or failed (the Trainer needs to set a course passing score on the Customize tab of the course in Mindflash). If the Storyline has it's own passing score, that is fine, but it will not effect whether or not the Trainee passes or fails the course. Be sure that the course passing score is set to the correct percentage.

Storyline will send one score per project to Mindflash. The answers Trainees will not be passed. You will not know which particular answers each Trainee got right/wrong.

Surveys will show up and function in Storyline, however the answers Trainees give will not be reported on in Mindflash. We advise that you use the Mindflash survey feature, and do not add them to your Storyline project.

If you are using Storyline quizzes and Mindflash quizzes in a course that will work. Remember you are limited to 10 Mindflash quizzes per course. You are not limited to a specific number of Storyline files per course, however if you exceed a mixture of 10 quizzes, whether they are all Storyline files with quizzes or a mix of both Storylineand Mindflash quizzes, only the first 10 quiz grades will show up on the Track tab. To see full reporting data you will need to visit Advanced reports. We advise you limit your quizzes to 10 per course.

When you create a Storyline file it is best if the quiz is at the end of the project. This will ensure that the content isn't considered complete before it is all viewed. If you have multiple quizzes within one project that is fine, but ending the project with one of those quizzes is best practice.

For tutorials on creating content in Storyline, visit the Articulate tutorial website or the Articulate forums for support. 

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