Can I include audio in my Mindflash Course?

How do I add audio to my course?

Audio is a great way to enhance your training materials and make them more exciting for Trainees.  Mindflash supports audio uploaded with PowerPoint or recorded directly in Mindflash.  For audio recorded in Mindflash, it can be added to any file type we support (except video) as well as the Intro and Recap slides.  Mindflash highly recommends using audio to improve your courses.

There are two ways to add audio to your Mindflash course:

1. From the Arrange tab in your Mindflash account, you can record audio for each slide.
2. In PowerPoint, you can add audio to your slides, then upload to Mindflash. 


Recording audio in Mindflash:

1. Go to the Arrange tab
2. Navigate to the slide where you want to record audio.
3. Select the microphone icon to open a window with recording controls.
4. Record, play, and save if you like the recording, or delete to start over. 

Audio will automatically play when trainees view a slide with audio, and they can press mute to silence it.

If a slide has audio from the PowerPoint file and recorded in Mindflash, both audio files will play. To remove the audio from the PowerPoint file, remove audio from the original PowerPoint then replace the file. 

*Tip.  If you want to add slides to a presentation for which you have already recorded audio in Mindflash, create a new PowerPoint presentation with the new slides and upload it to Mindflash, rather than adding slides to the original PowerPoint, to ensure the audio recording stays on the correct slides.

Recording audio in PowerPoint:

You can also include audio by adding audio to your PowerPoint slides before you upload them to Mindflash. 

For more information on adding audio files to your PowerPoint, visit Microsoft’s support site:

PPT 2010

PPT 2007
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