Custom User Fields


Custom Fields can be created on User Accounts.  Custom fields are often used to store unique Trainee information such as an Employee ID.  Custom Fields appear in the User grid on the Manage Users page and can appear on the self-registration pages for Series and Courses.

To create a Custom field, go to Manage Users and click on the Manage button.  Choose Custom Fields.  

  1. Add your first custom field by click on the Add link.
  2. Name your Custom Field
  3. Click Apply for the Field to be saved

You can return to the Manage Custom Fields page to edit your custom field.  The Standard account has 1 custom field.  Premium and Enterprise Accounts can create up to 10 custom fields.

Custom fields can be displayed  and/or made required on the self-registration page and the order can be selected by dragging the fields.

If you have multiple custom fields, you can manage them in the Manage Custom Fields page:

  1. Add additional Custom Fields by clicking the Add link.
  2. Drag the Fields into the appropriate order by clicking on the vertical dots to the left of the field name
  3. Click "Show" or "Hide" to display the custom field on the self registration page.  With "Show" selected, you can select "Required" to enforce the trainee to enter information into the field.

Additionally, Custom Field data can be added to Trainee accounts using Excel upload.  You will need a column for each custom field you want to populate.

The Premium and Enterprise tiers get 10 custom fields. The Standard tier gets 1 custom field.

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