Editing an Active Course


Once a course is Active, you are still allowed to edit the course characteristics and content. However making changes to quizzes, surveys and questions will impact reporting, so make changes only if necessary. 

Course content and quizzes can be added or subtracted.  In addition, existing items can also be edited.  In the case of quizzes, you can change the questions, answers and correct answer. If you edit questions, or delete questions or quizzes, you will lose any old reporting on the questions. The scores will remain but you won't be able to see the individual quiz questions. 

For content, you can replace content that is already in the course.  This is great for items like correcting spelling, images, etc.  When you use the replace function, all items will remain in the same place in the course.  If you have quizzes inserted between slides, they will remain there if you use the Replace function.

To Replace a file in your course, go to desired course. Next, under the Manage tab, click "Add and Arrange" button.


An Arrange window will appear. On the bottom half of the page you will be able to hover the mouse over a paper icon next to the file name. The word "Replace" will appear and the file will be highlighted. The trash icon is available if content is no longer needed.


To make edits to a quiz, search for the green pill shaped icon and click. Next, on the thumbnail image for the quiz, click the pencil icon. The Quiz Editor will open and are now able to make changes to the Quiz.


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