Can content be rearranged within a course?


To rearrange files and quizzes within a course, click the “Add and Arrange” button from the “Manage” tab.

The Arrange window is divided into two sections.. The top half is used for inserting new content and viewing all the slides of the course (Thumbnail images).

The bottom half of the page is the course timeline. On the left hand side, the files are listed from top to bottom in the order they were uploaded. In the bottom section, on the right of each file name are brightly colored pill shaped icons. Each pill represents a page of content, like a PowerPoint slide, Youtube video, or a quiz.



When you have more than one file or quiz in your course, you can easily reorder them in the timeline. Just click on the file you want to move and drag it horizontally to the correct spot.

Note: The position of the survey, intro side and recap slide cannot be changed. Also, It is not possible to rearrange slides within a single file. For example, it is not possible to move slide 3 from a Powerpoint in front of slide 2 from the same file.


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