How do I view and export Real-Time Reports?


On our Real-Time reports, you can export reports from courses in the Trainees tab by clicking the "Export Data".The report is limited to the course you are viewing. The default Columns when exporting a basic report are: Name, Email, Progress, Deadline, and Required. 

To download the basic report, here are the steps:

1. On the left navigation, click Courses. 

2. Next, select desired course and right panel window will appear.

3. Click the Trainees tab.

4. Next, click "Export Data".

5. Select "All Trainees", then an Excel file will download.


NOTICE: Since our update, we have introduced features that will provide further information when downloading basic reports. These new additions are Filters and the ability to search for individual trainees in our newly added Filter Search box. When applying Filters to the Trainees tab, you will be able to download a "Filtered Trainees" report. 

The first new added feature is Filters. There are two types of Filters the first is the following: 

1. Click the Filter icon from the Trainees tab.

2. A Filter window will appear.

3. There is a "Progress" row and a "Trainee State" row.

  • From the "Progress" row you can select from either: Invited, In Progress, Missed Deadline, Passed, or Failed.
  • For "Trainee State" row, you can select trainees who are Active or Archived.
  • There is an additional "Advanced Filters" link. This will open an Advanced Filter window and will allow you to add more specific details.


The second Filter type is a gear icon that is found right below the "Trainee Actions" button. This will show additional Filter columns and is scrollable. You can select your desired Filters and new columns will appear.

Finally, the second Feature is our Filter Search Box. Here you will be able to search for a specific individual and export a report for that one Trainee by selecting "Export Data" and clicking "Filtered Trainees".


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