Administrator Accounts


We have various Administrator accounts with different levels of access. On our Standard plan, Administrator and Trainees are the only two available levels of access. For the Premium and Enterprise plans, different levels of access are available as shown below. Further group restrictions are available in our Enterprise plan. 

Access to edit all account information, create and edit all courses, reporting and trainee management.  This is the highest level of access in Mindflash.

Access to create and edit all courses, reporting and trainee management.  Trainer access does not have access to Account level settings such as billing.

Access to only course reporting and trainee management.  Managers do not have the ability to change course content or settings.

**Tip:  All Administrators have a Trainee account as well.  To access the Trainee account, click on your name in the top right of the screen and select View as Trainee.

When a new Trainer is added, they receive an email with information to access the new account. Learn more about how to add additional Administrators.

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