How do I invite someone to take my course?


There are a few ways to distribute your course to trainees:

The first option is to let Mindflash send invitations for you. When selecting Courses in the Left Navigation, select the course you would like to invite trainees to. Next click “Invite” orange button. You can then either invite an Existing trainee, a New one by entering their name and email address, or bulk upload using Excel.


The second option is to email or post your course URL on a website or intranet. On the Settings tab, you have the ability to make the course Public. Click “Edit” and then under the “Share Your Course”, select “Public”. Now you will be able to click the “Get URL to share Course” link. This is the link that can be used on a website or intranet.

You can also click to send an email, which opens your default mail client, where you can send the URL to your trainee distribution list, the settings above the email link will dictate who is able to use the link to access the course.

Your course can also be shared via your favorite social network. You have several options on the bottom right of the Settings tab. Simply select the social network of your choice, sign in and post! Options include Yammer, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Note: There are three privacy options that dictate who is able to use this link:

Private: When a course is set to private trainees must be invited to the course.

Current Trainees: This setting allows you to copy the course URL and post it wherever works for you. Trainees that click this link will be allowed to register for the course ONLY if they already registered in your account.

Public: Making your course public also allows you to copy the course URL and post wherever works for you, however anyone who clicks this link will be given the opportunity to register in your account, adding to your trainee count.

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