Usernames for trainees without email addresses


 Usernames can now be designated for Trainees instead of email addresses.  For organizations that do not issue email addresses to their employees, Usernames can be used in place of email addresses.  When logging on, Trainees would be required to enter their Username and  Password.

To turn on the ability to use Usernames, go to the Manage Account page.  In the bottom left corner, there is an option to turn on Usernames.  Please note that Usernames are OFF by default.  Leaving Usernames off will require that all Trainees have an email address.

Once Usernames are turned on, Usernames and Passwords can be set on the Manage Users page.  Click on a Trainee to edit their information or Add New User and enter a Username and Password.  Alternatively, if you are using an Excel Upload, create a column for Username and one for Password.  Upload the list and the accounts are created.

* Passwords must contain at least 8 characters, one uppercase and lowercase letter, number, and symbol. 



Please note that if you choose to use Usernames, some functions will operate differently for those users.  For example, invitation and reminder emails will not be sent due to the fact that they do not have an email address to send to.  You will need to notify your Trainees of their Username and Passwords and direct them to your site address to login.

To reset the password for trainees using Usernames, select the trainee from the Manage Users page, and click edit to edit their information.  This will allow you to change their password to one of your choosing.  

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