I cannot reset or drop trainees in a course


The most common reason for this problem is that the trainee was invited to a Series that contains the course you are wanting to reset or drop. When a trainee is invited to a Series, all actions (Drop, Reset, Remind) should be taken on the Series level, not the course level. Also, when a trainee is invited to a Series, individual courses cannot be dropped, only reset is available.

To reset a trainee in a course, click “Series” from the Left Navigation. Next, select the Series the trainee was invited to. Once you have selected the Series, a right panel window will appear. Click the Trainees tab. Next, click the name of the Trainee.


Now, you will be taken to the Trainee's status in the Series with all individual courses listed. Click the specific course the Trainee needs to be reset. Then click “Back to Trainee List” to go back to previous page.

To drop a trainee from the Series


Note: There are individual reset buttons for each course. There is also darker blue “Reset” button that will reset the trainee from the entire Series, not just a course in the Series.

Note: The “Drop” button will remove the trainee from the entire series completely.

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