How do I reactivate an archived course?



If you want to re-activate an archived course:

  1. Click Courses from the Left Navigation.
  2. Next, select Advanced Filter or Filters next to the Search box.




3. In Advanced Filter, next to State, is a drop down menu. Select Archived and click “Search”




4. Next, select desired Archived course. A right window will appear. Under the “Course Actions” drop down menu, click the “Reactivate” button.




5. After the course has been reactivated, trainees already in the course who have not completed, will be allowed to go back into their course. Some may need to be Reset in order to continue.




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  • Avatar
    Ryan Bruschke

    It would be very helpful to be able to reactivate a course (for times when new employees need to take a course that was previously closed). That way all reports would still show one course.

  • Avatar
    Madhulika Tanuboddi

    Agree with Ryan.

  • Avatar
    Randhir Vieira

    As of January 15, 2015 you can re-activate an archived course.

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