Resetting trainees in a course


Resetting a trainee erases their previous progress in a course and puts them back into an “Invited” status.


Bulk resetting trainees from selecting Users

Resetting individual trainees

Resetting several, specific trainees




Bulk resetting trainees from selecting Users

You can bulk reset any trainees who are in a Missed Deadline, Passed, and/or Failed status.

1. From the Left Navigation, click "Users". You will see a list of Trainees and a check box next to their Last Name. Check mark all Trainees that need to be reset in bulk. Then click the "Manage" button and a right panel window will appear.

Note: Advanced Filters can be used to search for a more detailed list of Trainees.

2. In the Manage window, select either Courses or Series tab. Then a list of Courses/Series will appear. Check mark desired Courses/Series. Next, click the "Take Actions" button.

3. In the Take Actions window, you will be able to select Trainees that are either in the Invited, Missed Deadline, Passed, or Failed status. These statuses are separated into rows with a check box next to the status. You can expand each row to see the Trainees in that status. Once you have check marked one or more of the statuses, click "Reset".





Resetting individual trainees 

If you only want to reset one specific trainee, click "Courses" from Left Navigation. Next, select desired course and a right panel window will appear. Next, click the Trainees tab and check mark Trainee. Lastly, click the "Trainee Actions" button and select "Reset".






Resetting several, specific trainees

From the Left Navigation, click "Courses." Next, click the name of the course and when the right panel window appears, select the Trainees tab. Now, a list of Trainees will be shown and check mark all desired Trainees. Then click "Trainee Actions" and select "Reset".  Click this to reset all trainees in that status.



Note: There are Filters available in the Trainees tab that allows you to search for specific filters or users. Right on top of the Trainee list, is a Filter Search Box and next to it a Filter icon. Use these filters to search for Trainees who are Active/Archived, Invited, In-Progress, Missed Deadline, Passed, or Failed.


Filter Search Box: Look for specific individual Trainee.



Filter Icon: Search for Progress or Trainee State. Also additional Advanced Filters available.


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