Reporting on individual quiz-question answers


To see the individual quizzes and answers for each of your Trainees in a Course, do the following:

1. Click “Courses” from the Left Navigation.

2. Next, select the desired course and a right panel window appears.  

3. Next, click “Trainees” tab.

4. Right below “Trainees Actions” is a gear icon wheel. Click the gear icon wheel and a list of checked/unchecked Names of Columns will appear. Scroll down the list and check “Quiz Score”.

 5. Now, a Quizzes Score column is displayed.  

6. Trainees who have completed quizzes will have a score displayed.  If there is more than one quiz, each quiz has a clickable percentage.  By clicking a quiz score percentage, it will open a new pop-up window that demonstrates their response.





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    Robin Barde

    Is the quiz score not clickable until they've completed the entire course?

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