Requiring course passing to proceed in series.


Series that have an enforced course sequence can also require a trainee to pass each course before moving to the next course in the series.

If a trainee fails a course the series will automatically be put into a failed state. They will not be able to proceed in the series until the failed course is reset. If the trainer has allowed the trainee to retake their courses, trainees can get themselves out of the failed state by choosing to retake the course. Once they pass the course they are able to move to the next course.

To require your trainees to pass each course in the Series go to the Manage tab of your Series. Next, Click "Edit".


Under the "Courses in Series" section, check mark the "Require course passing to proceed in the series." option. Also, the "Enforce Course Sequence" is available if the courses are required to be taken in sequence.


Click "Save" to apply your changes.


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