Live Training


Live training is a Premium and Enterprise tier feature that enables Administrators to track training that is done either in-person or via a webinar.  


Creating a Live Training in Mindflash

1. From the Home page, click "Live" from the Left Navigation. Next, click "Create Live Training" button.



2. Name the Live Training and add brief description from the Manage Tab. Click "Save" button.

3. On the Settings Tab click "Edit" button. Next, decide whether or not to give trainees scores for this training. Then, click "Save" button.


4. From any of the tabs for the Live Training, click the "Invite" button.


5. Once you have invited your trainees (emails are not sent to trainees) you have the ability to set individual or multiple trainees as complete. Checkmark one or multiple individual trainees and mark them complete by clicking the "Complete" button under the "Trainee Actions" button.


6. If you have set your Live Training to include scores, you will have the ability to change the score for your trainees by clicking "Set Score".  If each trainee has a different score you will want to click "Set Score" for each individual , so that a different score can be added to each trainee. 



All of the Live Training data is also available in Advanced Reports. 

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