How do I upload handouts?


Mindflash allows you to add up to four Handouts to a Course for your Trainees to download. Handouts are a great way to supplement your main training material. You can upload any type of file as a Handout, such as Word/PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc.  

Under the Manage tab you will click “Edit”. Next, under the section, Handouts, click the  “Upload” button. A an upload file window will appear and can drag the file or Choose Files. 





If you need more than four Handouts, you can upload a zip folder as a single Handout. Within that folder there could be as many files as you need as long as the zip folder itself is not larger than 350MB.

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    The iPad doesn't allow me to upload handouts. Why?

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    Elthea Charles

    I am having trouble uploading handouts. the message I received is "Error uploading file Set Up Auto Payment and Auto Payment Schedule for NKM.docx. the file size is 306kb. I tried to load a PDF as well with the same results. Please help.

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