Installing the Mindflash App for Salesforce


Steps to install our application

    1. Go to our Salesforce App Exchange listing
    2. The Salesforce user that is installing the package must have AppExchange app installation permissions. Please check with your Salesforce administrator for access.
    3. Once opened, Salesforce will ask you to select the type of user you choose to provide access to.  Please select the one that best fits your requirements.  Our recommendation is to choose install for All Users.


    1. Salesforce will also ask for permission to connect to Mindflash.  Select Continue. 
    2. When the installation is complete, click “Done” to move on to the next step. 

Setting User Permissions in Salesforce

  1. You will need to setup permissions in Salesforce to allow your users to access the Mindflash application in Salesforce.  This will ensure you provide access to the correct user role types in Salesforce.
  2. As a Salesforce administrator, navigate to the Setup drop down in Salesforce. 
  3. Under Administrative Setup on the left column, select “Manage Apps” then choose “Connected Apps”
  4. Here you will see the Mindflash App.  Click on ‘Edit’ under “Mindflash Application”
  5. Under the oAuth Policies for ‘Permitted Users’, select “Admin approved users are pre-authorized’.  Click Save at the bottom. 
  6. You will be taken back to the previous screen, where you will need to click “Mindflash Application”. Under the Profile section, click “Manage Profile”.  Here is where you can select the user profile types you choose to provide access to the Mindflash Application.  Example: Selecting “System Administrator” allows only users in Salesforce whom have the profile of System Administrator to have access to the Mindflash App in Salesforce. Click Save at the bottom. 

Connecting your Mindflash account with Salesforce

  1. Once the application is installed, you will need to connect your existing Mindflash account to Salesforce.  Note: In order to connect, you must be an Administrator in Mindflash.  Please check with your Mindflash Administrator for access if you are currently not.
  2. Make sure “Mindflash Training” is selected in the App dropdown in Salesforce on the upper right corner. 
  3. Click the “Setup” tab in the Mindflash App in Salesforce.  
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to log in to Mindflash in Salesforce. This will take you through the steps to connect the Mindflash App by entering your Mindflash Administrator login credentials. Note that Passwords must
  5. Once a successful connection has been made, it will take up to 15 minutes for your Course, Series and Catalogs to be sync’ed up to Salesforce. 

 Connecting other Mindflash Admins and Trainers

    1. Once connected, other Mindflash Admins and Trainers must also log in with their credentials in order to invite trainees to courses and series.  They can do this by logging into Salesforce and navigating to the Mindflash app.  Once selected, they will need to click on the “Invitation Wizard” and log in with their credentials. 
    2. It is highly recommended to disallow non Admin type users in Salesforce from being able to edit fields in the Mindflash Salesforce Application. 

Troubleshooting / FAQ

    1. I cannot connect my Mindflash account to Salesforce.
      1. In order to connect your Mindflash account to Salesforce, you must be an Administrator in Mindflash.  To learn more about the different role types in Mindflash, click here.

    2. Error when trying to connect your Mindflash account to Salesforce.
      1. Your Mindflash account must have the feature to allow for the Salesforce connect.  Please contact Mindflash directly for assistance where we can verify your account has access.
      2. You must be a Mindflash Administrator in order to connect you Mindflash account to Salesforce.  Please check with your Mindflash Administrator for more information and access.

    3. My invitations are not sending to my trainees after going through the Invitation Wizard.
      1. In some cases, invitations may take up to 15 minutes to appear in your trainee’s email inbox.  
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