Using the Invitation Wizard


This article will describe the different functions of the Invitation Wizard.  The Invitation Wizard allows Mindflash Administrators to invite trainees from your Salesforce contacts and users to courses and series in your Mindflash account.  

Searching for Courses or Series

  • You can easily search by the Course or Series name and the Trainer name.
  • Delete the search terms to clear your search results.

Inviting contacts and users to Courses or Series

  • Search for the course or series you choose to invite trainees to.  Click the check box on the left and click "Add Courses" to add them to the list on the right. You can select multiple courses or series, perform a search for another course or series, and add that course or series.
  • Once added to the list, click "Select Trainees" to begin selecting trainees to invite.

Searching and Selecting Contacts and Users 

  • The perform a simple search for trainees, make sure the “Search” tab is selected and enter in a Name, Company/Account Name, Title, or Email Address.
  • You can also perform an Advanced Search by clicking on the “Advanced Search” tab.   This will allow you to search by any Salesforce field associated with a contact in Salesforce. For example: Searching for Office Phone equals to 555-1234 will display all contacts associated with that office phone number.
  • Click “Add Filter” to add a filter and can add more filters with different field parameters to continually narrow down the results. 
  • Click "Send Invites" to send the invitations to the courses and/or series.  In some cases, it may take up to 15 minutes for the trainees to receive the invitations to the course or series.
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    Ron Hine

    Is it possible to execute the Mindflash Salesforce invitation wizard pragmatically, like from a Salesforce process or flow. If it is possible, can you point me to the instructions? Thanks - Ron

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