Known Issues for Mindflash for Salesforce Beta


Updated 7/22/15: The following are some known issues for Mindflash App for Salesforce.  These items are being addressed by Mindflash during the beta period.

  • Inviting trainees to a course or series more than once is possible and will create 2 records in Salesforce
  • Inviting large quantities of trainees to a course may generate an error.  100 contacts to 1 course at the same time, or 50 contacts to 2 courses.  
  • Salesforce portals with over 10,000 contacts and users will not display the contacts and users in the Invitation Wizard.  Use the search function to narrow down the results.
  • Very large Mindflash portals may experience an initial data sync failure due to API limitations with different editions of Salesforce.
  • An error may occur when you attempt to disconnect Mindflash from the Setup tab. Please contact Mindflash for assistance. 
  • Reporting: Some data points related to Mindflash are displayed as "participation". You can search for "participation" to view this data, or add it to an existing report
  • Series reports will be updated once all the courses in the series are completed.
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    Sherry Youmans

    Having used Mindflash for well over a year, one thing that I find is missing is the tracking of course "retakes", ie. failures. If an individual retakes a course, his original attempt is wiped. Although there is a tracking mechanism in place for "failures", it will always be zero unless the course is not retaken. The course administrator has no way to know if a course is trending with multiple failures, so that the material can be reviewed with the individual, or the course itself reviewed to see if it requires better clarity.

    If there were tracking of the number of retakes per individual/course and even the questions that students were struggling with, this would give the administrator the ability to trend this.


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