Uninstalling the Mindflash for Salesforce App


To uninstalling the Mindflash for Salesforce App, follow the steps below.

1.  Remove any visualforce page associated with Mindflash.  You may have added it to the contacts page. To remove, open a contact and click on "edit layout" on the upper right corner of the page. Once open, click on the (-) icon on the Mindflash Training section to remove the entire section.

2.  Navigate to the "Setup" tab and click "Disconnect Mindflash" to disconnect your Mindflash portal from Salesforce.  

3.  Navigate to the Setup section in Salesforce and select "Mindflash Application" from the "Connected Apps section under "Manage Apps". Under "Manage Profiles", remove the profiles associated with Mindflash. 

4.  From the 'Installed Package" section and click "uninstall" for the Mindflash Training app to uninstall the App.

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