How do I invite a trainee to one or more courses/series?


From the Left Navigation, click "Users". Select the Trainee you’d like to enroll in courses/series. A right panel window will appear once the user has been selected.


When the right panel window appears, there is an "Invite" button on the top right. This button will be visible in all tabs. Click the "Invite" button and a popup window will appear. Select all the Courses/Series you’d like to invite them to. 




Mindflash will send them an invitation email for every course/series you selected.


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    Jason Lyon

    please call me at 916-342-4274 I cant select the desired course to invite an employee. the box you click to select is grey

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    Lance Abendan

    Can we get the trainee specific invite URL from somewhere? This is for cases where a trainee is claiming not to receive the invite.

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