How can I remind all the trainees in my group who haven’t completed their courses?


To remind trainees in a specific group, from the Left Navigation, click "Users"

Next to the search box, click "Advanced Filters".


Next, in the Advanced Filter window, click the drop-down menu in Groups and search desired group. Then click the "Search" button.

Once you have desired group, check mark all trainees, and click “Manage”. 


Next, choose the Courses or Series tab and click “Take Actions”


Lastly, you will be able to Remind trainees from a group who are in either the "Invited" or "In Progress" status. Check Mark the box next to "Invited" and/or "In Progress" status, then click the "Remind" button.


Note: Next to the State status, is a clickable triangle that will expand. It will show Trainees name, email address, course name, and invited date.



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